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Choosing the Right Storage Unit

  • Rule of thumb - The size of the unit depends on how often you will need access.
  • If you store your property without visiting the storage unit for months at a time, you may consider a smaller unit size and pack your property tightly inside.
  • If you need to get into your storage unit on a fairly frequent basis, it may be wise to rent a slightly larger space. This will allow for an aisle or two between your items, which will make things more accessible to you without having to move things around.

Storage Unit Size Calculator

Our storage calculator is a helpful tool to assist you in deciding on the right size storage unit! Simply enter the items that you will be storing and our storage calculator will determine what size you will need. Please keep in mind that more room may be necessary for those who will have frequent use of the unit.


   Large Bed Set
   Small Bed Set
   Night Table
   Chest of Drawers
   Clothes Hamper

Living Room

   Large Couch
   Small Couch
   Large Chair
   Small Chair
   Home Theater
   Small TV
   Large TV
   Floor Lamp
   Cedar Chest

Dining Room and Kitchen

   Large Table
   Small Table
   Serving Cart
   Small Fridge
   Large Fridge

Household and Outdoor Items

   Boxes: Small
   Boxes: Medium
   Boxes: Large
   Golf Bag
   Picnic Table

Business Furnishings

   2 Drawer Cabinet
   4 Drawer Cabinet
   Lg. Office Chair
   Sm. Office Chair
   Small Desk
   Large Desk
   6-Foot Shelves

Other Property

Fill in the Estimated Cubic Feet of your property which is not included above.

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